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We invest

to do well,

but also

to do good

The Hudson Valley Startup Fund (“HVSF”)  is an investment fund focused on early stage ventures located in and around the Hudson Valley region of New York State. We bridge the resource gap for early stage founders who have outgrown individual angel checks.


We recognize startups need more than capital to succeed. HVSF encourages our more than 60 LP investors to be active participants in both the investment process and in portfolio oversight. Member investors leverage their knowledge and networks to take an active role in supporting portfolio companies and to collaborate with founders to help their ventures become successful companies.

HVSF Member meeting.  Tables in rounds with members in attendance

Fueling the entrepreneurial ecosystem in and around the Hudson Valley. 

  • Early capital.  Often the first fund invested.

  • Community of value add investor/advisors.

  • Extensive network of resources and contacts.

  • Collaborative and constructive investment process.

  • Vetted deal flow for active investors.

Manager Led - Member Engaged

HVSF Funds I & II are member-managed. LP Members take active roles in company screening, vetting, investing, and mentoring. We leverage the diverse expertise and interests of our members to dig deep, seek clarity, and build support for investments. Our collaborative approach allows us to develop constructive relationships critical to enabling the success of the Fund.

HVSF capital fills the gap in funding between "friends and family" money and later stage institutional venture capital. HVSF seeks out opportunities that can be accelerated and professionalized through our investment and process.  Risk is mitigated through careful screening, and stage appropriate due diligence, which is carried out by managers of the fund along side of member investors. 

HVSF welcomes potential investors interested in early stage investment targeted at high growth ventures.  All investors must qualify as Accredited Investors according to Rule 501 of the Securities Act.

HVSF member meeting.  Members gathered in boathouse for cocktail hour.
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