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Be Prepared

Our goal is to get all of the information that we need in order to assess the suitability of an opportunity for our fund (and vice versa).  If we don't understand key pieces of information during our screening process, it's unlikely that the pitch will be well received.

There is no perfect deck to imitate, but we do offer a punch list of deck slides that if presented clearly, will result in a robust and informative investor presentation.  Even if not in this order, an investor pitch deck should clearly articulate this information. 

1. Title

2. The Ask (how much money do you need from investors)

3. Founder Story (how you got here) / Your Why (why are you doing this)

4. Problem/Opportunity

5. Solution (your product and/or service)

6. Value Proposition (the benefits your customers will receive)

7. Underlying Magic (what truly differentiates you, competitive advantage)

8. Business Model (how you will make money)

9. Market Opportunity (addressable market)

10. Marketing and Sales (how you will reach and close customers)

11. Competitive Positioning

12. Management Team (core team, extended team)

13. Current Status (key accomplishments, planned milestones)

14. The Ask (repeat here) / Use of Funds

15. Exit Strategy (examples of potential buyers, comparable industry exit)

16. Financial Projections and Key Metrics

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