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Investment FAQs

HVSF is not presently making new investments.

For Founders

Where does HVSF invest?

We are focused on the Hudson Valley which we define as the area north of NYC and through the Capital District.  We will consider opportunities in adjacent areas including NYC, Southern Tier, Central New York, Mohawk Valley, and Western portions of Massachusetts and Connecticut.

At what stage?

We focus on pre-seed and seed stage investments.  We are often the first professional capital after founders exhaust friends and family resources and outgrow individual angel investors.  We will invest pre-revenue but we won't invest pre-product.  Good prospective investments will have early market feedback and early indication/validation of market fit.

What does HVSF invest in?

We invest in high growth sectors and focus on software, mobile, technology enabled, and scalable product businesses.  We prefer revenue models that are recurring or transaction based with customer acquisition strategy that is repeatable and scalable.

What does HVSF look for?

We like to begin with compelling founder teams that have diverse experience, transformative vision, excellent communication skills, and the capacity to execute.  Timing is everything, so we'll often build a relationship over time helping coach and support an exciting prospect until they have reached a stage of development appropriate for our investment.

How long does it take?

HVSF Funds I & II are member managed fund and as such may take more time than an individual investor to complete an investment.  If leading the investment, it may take 12-16 weeks or more from member pitch to initial closing.  If HVSF is following an existing lead, investments may be completed in as little as 4 weeks.

How much do you invest?

HVSF typically invests $50k - $200K with a track record of bringing substantial additional capital to the table from our network of investors.  HVSF often invests early with smaller check and then may go on to lead a larger round as the company progresses and HVSF gains experience with the team.

For Investors

Who are your investors?

Our investors are individuals and corporations throughout the Hudson Valley and beyond.  Our investors are Accredited Investors according to Rule 501 of the Securities Act.

Are you presently taking new investors?

HVSF is presently gathering interest for a new fund.  Please contact us for more information.

Can I invest along side HVSF?

HVSF typically affords investor members an opportunity to participate alongside HVSF with a "sidecar" investment.

How is my investment returned?

There are several ways that portfolio investments may be liquidated including through acquisition, IPO, or redemption.  Upon receipt of proceeds, the Fund distributes the net proceeds to investors on a pro rata basis.

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