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UAT recognized as the “Angel Investment of the Year”

For public release

Dec 8, 2021

Upstate Capital Association of New York recognized UAT for the oversubscribed $1.35 million financing round led by Hudson Valley Startup Fund.

Rochester, NY, December 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- United Aircraft Technologies, Inc. (“UAT”), an emerging leader in aerospace technology, has been recognized as the “Angel Investment of the Year” by Upstate Capital Association of New York.

In February of 2021, UAT completed an oversubscribed $1.35 million financing round as well as an additional $350k of non-dilutive financing. Hudson Valley Startup Fund led the round, with participation from Lever, The Alchemy Fund, and Westchester Angels.

In his remarks introducing UAT CEO Evaguel Rhysing, Leon Greene, Managing Member at Hudson Valley Startup Fund and lead investor in the UAT financing noted, "We spent 18 months building a relationship, supporting and following UAT's progress, and working together to find the right timing for this investment. When the business was ready for the capital, our investor community was enthusiastically ready to back them. Since then, Evaguel and Daryian have continued to shine. UAT has continued making product advancements with multiple patents granted, they’ve exceeded their contract bookings goal for the year by more than 100%, and have gained traction with strategic customers in multiple market segments.”

During her acceptance of the award, Evaguel Rhysing, CEO of UAT remarked “It’s an honor to be receiving this award, especially since UAT pursued not only a capital partner but a group of people that understood our mission. We are grateful for the Hudson Valley Startup Fund and the relationship we have built over 18 months. Not only have they been with us as we grew, but also have supported us even after our round closed, and they continue to cheer us forward.”

About United Aircraft Technologies, Inc.
United Aircraft Technologies ( is an innovator of high tech solutions for cable interconnect management. UAT enables IoT like monitoring of cable interconnect systems while reducing both aircraft weight and maintenance costs. UAT benefits aircraft operators by combining a novel cable clamp design with a robust sensor network and a SaaS platform to reduce aircraft weight, minimize operational costs, prevent injuries, and aid in modernization efforts of electrical wiring management and maintenance. For more information, please contact Evaguel Rhysing, CEO,

About Hudson Valley Startup Fund
Hudson Valley Startup Fund is focused on supporting emerging high-growth companies in the Hudson Valley of New York. For more information, please contact Andrew Schulkind,

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