These are some of the Hudson Valley companies we are proud to support through capital and advice.

a large sustainably produced shimp

Eco Shrimp Garden

An indoor sustainable shrimp producer, and originator of the "fresh, never frozen" shrimp movement.

Visit EcoShrimpGarden.com >

StateBook International

The first online marketplace to facilitate corporate location decisions for companies expanding, relocating and reshoring and to level the playing field for economic development organizations (EDOs) seeking to competitively market their communities.

Visit Statebook.com
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a before and after photo of the skin treatment, looks effective!


Repairogen is a breakthrough in skin repair that will improve the appearance and health of your skin.

Visit Repairogen.com


uSTADIUM is your sports hub, streamlining all your fan connections in custom-designed communities.

Visit uSTADIUM.com
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little cartoon people looking happy using the app


Burbio is a calendar sharing and synchronization platform that marries local events and activities with the personal calendar.

Visit Burbio.com


Say hello to Simplecast, the easiest way for podcasters to publish and distribute audio on the internet.

Visit Simplecast.com
some podcasts' album art that are published to simplecast

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