Statebook’s Viral Insights Helps Power Pandemic Response & Recovery Decisions

Though the negative impacts of the coronavirus pandemic are undeniable, the situation has also created opportunities to do good and do well. Few illustrate this better than HVSF portfolio company Statebook International, a premiere provider of location intelligence, data and analytics. 


Statebook recently developed Viral Insights, an application designed to help communities understand the pandemic’s impact and craft responses that maximize the use of their available resources. 

Viral Insights provides powerful business intelligence providing critical data to help inform the strategies and policies needed to save lives, and mitigate the negative economic effects of the COVID-19 public health crisis.

Viral Insights layers Covid-19 case data (broken out down to the county level) with data for factors like age and pre-existing conditions to help government agencies and companies understand what percent of the population is at greatest risk. HPSA data — health professional shortage area — also helps identify areas that are underserved by medical providers. 


On the economic side, data related to lost wages, unemployment claims, and the commercial and residential rents at risk also guide the decision-making process for local and regional leaders, lending institutions, and others. 


As Statebook’s CEO, Calandra Cruickshank noted, “Viral Insights was built to enable data-driven decision making to help protect people, businesses and the economy and easily identify where the highest risks are from Covid-19 and how best to allocate resources. It’s incredible what well structured data and powerful technology can accomplish together.” 


The project came about during a casual Friday evening conversation between Ms. Cruickshank and her counterpart at NavigatorCRE, a firm that animates data to provide actionable insights. By the next morning, teams at both firms were feverishly working away to identify and clean data and visualize it on the new Viral Insights website. They had an initial structure in place before the weekend was over. 


Over the next week, refinements continued and the product was released the following week. The application is currently available for free to all users and is particularly beneficial for municipalities addressing pandemic-related concerns as well as companies developing strategies to safely bring employees back to work. Customized versions are available for a fee for investors, property owners, and others to help guide post-pandemic decision making.