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HVSF invests in and supports high-growth Hudson Valley companies in a range of industries.



One-stop shop for all hyper-local community event data

Burbio is the industry leader in aggregating school, government, library and community event information for delivery over mobile, web, email, and voice.  In addition to the Burbio.com website and mobile app, Burbio distributes data to a growing list of broadcasters, digital platforms, and real estate firms nationwide.  

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Bringing the Bus Charter Business into the 21st Century

Busie is a B2B SaaS platform marketed to Charter Bus Carriers and affiliate networks as an end to end solution for carriers to quote and book charter buses on the web.



Your Sustainable Source for Tasty, Healthy, Fresh-Never-Frozen Shrimp

An indoor sustainable shrimp producer, and originator of the "fresh, never frozen" shrimp movement.



Supporting Local Farmers and Selling the Best Foods From the Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley Harvest works with small and medium farms to source vegetables, herbs, fruit, meat, eggs, dairy, grains, flours, beans, honey, maple syrup, and more.

We also make our own salsa, hot sauce, pear sauce and other delicious pantry staples that you can find in retail stores throughout the Northeast.


Modern Snack Foods from an Ancient Root Vegetable

Orto Foods develops food products made from jicama (pronounced "hee-kah-ma"), a root vegetable. Their products fall into two categories: chips and fresh-cut vegetables, which are marketed as healthy alternatives to mainstream snack foods. 

Their JicaChips® line includes five flavors: Smoked BBQ, Chili Lime, Sea Salt, Cinnamon Churro, and Sea Salt & Vinegar.  The JicaFresh line includes JicaSticks and JicaTortillas. 


Skin Damage Happens. Repairogen Can Help.

Repairogen is a breakthrough in skin repair that will improve the appearance and health of your skin.



The Best Social Network for Sports Fans

uStadium is a sports hub that brings together news, conversation, and debate for sports super fans.



The First and Last Word in Podcast Management and Distribution

Say hello to Simplecast, the easiest way for podcasters to publish and distribute audio on the internet.


The Online Meeting Place for Site Selection Consultants, EDO'S, Business, Academia and Government

StateBook International is the first online marketplace to facilitate corporate location decisions for companies expanding, relocating and reshoring and to level the playing field for economic development organizations (EDOs) seeking to competitively market their communities.

Learn more about Viral Insights, Statebook's application designed to help communities understand the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact and craft responses that maximize the use of their available resources. 


The Best Social Network for Sports Fans

uStadium is a sports hub that brings together news, conversation, and debate for sports super fans.