Hudson Valley Startup Fund Announces New Investment in ViaHero.

For immediate release:  March 30, 2020    

Kingston, NY - Hudson Valley Startup Fund announces new investment in ViaHero.

Hudson Valley Startup Fund today announces its recent investment in ViaHero. ViaHero is a travel platform that delivers the service of a local travel agent. Travelers choose among many local “Heroes” who create a customized itinerary and guidebook based on the personal preferences of each traveler. 


The ViaHero model creates a marketplace for travelers to connect with locals in the regions that ViaHero covers. Locals are trained as “Heroes,” learning how to create the maps and guidebooks for each trip as well as providing concierge-style service to the travelers. This allows travelers to change plans on the fly. 


As the international travel industry sets itself for a post-COVID recovery, the time for investment was right. “We were introduced to Greg and Rachel at ViaHero in 2017, and were instantly excited by the connection of travellers with locals with intimate knowledge of travel destinations.  We were prepared to invest in March of 2020 when COVID-19 shut down travel.  We paused our investment, as we kept in contact.  We have been impressed with ViaHero’s tenacity, experimental mindset and ability to attract significant partners.  We are pleased to invest at this time to support ViaHero as global travel is reignited in the coming months.”


Over the next 12 months, ViaHero plans to continue its focus on influencer outreach, customer referrals, and channel partnerships, which have the potential to become a primary contributor to new sales. 


"Our team is excited about the opportunity to capture pent-up demand for international travel, and to have the resources to capture the moment in the coming months thanks to HVSF's investment.”


About ViaHero

ViaHero provides a new way to travel independently. Billed as the travel service that does “everything but pack your bags,” ViaHero is focused on personalized travel that combines your interests with the knowledge and experience of local residents in more than 20 locations around the world. ViaHero is committed to making an impact, with trip planning fees going straight to the Heroes. And because Heroes make recommendations based on the people, places, and things they know best, the benefits of tourism get spread out more evenly within local communities.



About Hudson Valley Startup Fund
HV Startup Fund is a member-managed seed capital fund that launched in 2016 to support high-growth companies in the HV. HVSF is comprised of 65 investors, most of whom are local business and community leaders who invest time and resources to support the region's entrepreneurial ecosystem. The fund provides seed funding, mentorship, and connections for local entrepreneurs, while delivering investment returns to its members. Hudson Valley entrepreneurs are encouraged to submit applications for investment consideration through the HV Startup Fund page on Gust. For more information, please contact Andrew Schulkind,

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