HVSF manager handing a check to a portfolio company CEO.


We offer business planning, fundraising and strategy guidance, as well as access to our networks, to support building successful businesses.


This collaborative approach to professionalizing businesses that can scale is essential. Our goal is to have mutually-aligned long-term interest with the entrepreneurs we support.


If we sound like a good fit for you, please apply for funding through our screening platform, Gust.com.


Hudson Valley Presence

We invest in businesses with a local presence. You do not necessarily need to be headquartered in the Hudson Valley, nor does your entire work force need to be located here, but your company does need to contribute to the Hudson Valley economy to be considered for investment by HVSF.


Strong Team

We invest in teams that can execute. We seek companies that value our approach to active, collaborative angel investing.


Scalable Business Model

Does your business – and the industry you are targeting – have the potential for significant growth?


Addressable Market

Can you demonstrate clear market demand for a solution to a problem?


Path to Exit

Does the potential exist for realizing returns through acquisition, merger, etc.


Right to Win

Do you have unique technology or other strategic, competitive advantages?