Join a first of its kind angel investment fund that supports local companies.

Shared Goals

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Our angel investor members have shared interest in supporting local growth companies. HVSF is the first of its kind in the Hudson Valley - a regional private investment fund that offers its investor members:

  • access to local angel investment deal flow
  • a network of like-minded new and experienced investors
  • team-based due diligence that sharpens decision-making
  • development of private investment best practices
  • potential for returns on angel investments

Team-based Decision Making

HVSF is a member-managed fund. Members take active roles in company screening, vetting, investing and mentoring. We leverage the diverse expertise and interests of our members to dig deeper and create clarity and consensus around company assessments. Our team-based approach also allows for more mentorship opportunities that are critical for enabling the success of companies we consider.

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Early Stage Investment

Angel capital fills the gap in funding between "friends and family" money and more structured institutional venture capital. In HVSF, risk is mitigated through careful screening and rigorous due diligence, which is carried out by members and managers of the fund. Final investment decisions are made by all members present at monthly meetings.


HVSF seeks individuals and corporations who have interest in supporting local, scalable companies seeking seed capital. Individuals who qualify as Accredited Investors according to Rule 501 of the Securities Act and are interested in joining the fund can contact us at to learn more about joining us.

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