We help build businesses that contribute to the Hudson Valley economy and generate returns for our members.

Should You Apply?

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Our portfolio of companies have high growth potential and operations in the Hudson Valley. We are looking to fund and support businesses that positively impact the local economy, provide good-paying jobs in our community, and generate returns for our members. If your company meets the following criteria, please apply for funding:

Hudson Valley-based business

we invest in local companies

Addressable market

clear market demand for a solution to a problem

Path to exit

potential for realizing returns through acquisition, merger, etc.

Scalable business model

potential for significant growth

Right to win

unique technology or other strategic competitive advantage within the business

Strong team players

we invest in people who can execute, and who value our approach to active angel investing

What to Expect:
Capital and Collaboration

HVSF is focused on finding companies where growth will accelerate through investment and mentorship. All potential investments go through detailed due diligence evaluating all aspects of the business, which typically takes at least 90 days. HVSF invests up to $250k per company, typically staged with milestones and in the form of convertible debt. From pre-screening through investment, we are active partners with local entrepreneurs.

We offer business planning, fundraising and strategy guidance, as well as access to our networks, to support building successful businesses. This collaborative approach to professionalizing businesses that can scale is essential. Our goal is to have mutually-aligned long-term interest with the entrepreneurs we support. If we sound like a good fit for you, please apply for funding through our screening platform, Gust.com.

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Contact Us

If you have any questions about applying, please feel free to message entrepreneur@hvstartupfund.com with your questions.